Production plant:
ATERVIN Michał Zbożny
ul. Nowa 27
86-170 Nowe

ATERVIN Michał Zbożny
ul. Armii Krajowej 38
86-300 Grudziądz
NIP: PL8762329487





From the very beginning it was our goal to create a comprehensively operating enterprise. We want to be a company which is fully responsible for the processing and further life of the waste. Our idea is to give waste a new meaning. A meaning that is entirely different from the common and negative impression. Waste can be fascinating! We want to show the world that waste is way more than useless garbage. We can demonstrate how products made of waste may become well designed, clean and desired objects.

We offer a comprehensive service that meets the expectations of our suppliers, recipients, and customers. Working in such a hard and unattractive industry as waste management our goal is to deliver a service which is directly adjusted to individual needs and expectations of each of our clients, at each stage of our cooperation. We focus on every detail of our service and design. We believe that partnership is a factor that helps us to achieve more and to go further. We believe that thanks to partnership, we can make the world a better place for future generations.


Our market strength lies in our own extensive fleet of specialized vehicles and a firm network of reliable subcontractors. Thanks to these features, we can collect waste from every customer, at any time and always on time. We constantly develop our capabilities and technological facilities. We implement new procedures and optimize our work in order to minimize the impact on the natural environment, and to increase our efficiency.


Our technologically advanced facilities allow us to recover raw materials that others might find not suitable for recycling. We can process mixtures of various plastic materials and metals. Moreover, we are able to handle products made of combination of metals and plastics. We treat each order as a challenge and a test of our capabilities. For us, each delivery is an opportunity to create a better future for everyone!


Concept is something we are extremely proud of! This is the department responsible for designing and building beautiful, state of the art, simple and functional things. This is the final stage of the recycling process – giving things a second life and bringing them back to society. Concept is more than a product approach, it is a place where the heart of our company beats!




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